G.W. "Cap" Arrington Family

Gerlach Brothers Road Ranch & Store

The G.W. (“Cap”) Arrington family has been in Canadian since the 1890's. “Cap” Arrington was in Brown County in 1875 when he enlisted in Company E of the newly organized Frontier Battalion of Texas Rangers. The following year Arrington was made captain of Company C and stationed at Coleman.

In the summer of 1879 his company was moved to the Panhandle to investigate attacks at area ranches. In 1880–81 Arrington and his men covered much of the Panhandle and were stationed briefly at both Mobeetie and Tascosa.

In 1882 “Cap” Arrington left law enforcement of Wheeler and surrounding counties and moved his family from the county jail in Mobettie to 643 acres of ranchland in Hemphill County, which included the headwaters on the Washita River. “Cap” built two cabins to house his family and serve as ranch headquarters. He later added 3,200 acres of open range to his holdings. The family raised wheat and cattle and in 1885 registered the CAP cattle brand.

In 1919 a Van Tien pre-fabricated home was shipped from Iowa and built where it stands today. Arrington Ranch has been in full operation by Arrington heirs since the death of Cap in 1923.

Oil was discovered on the ranch in the late 1980's. Today, Mike and Debbie Arrington operate the ranch while offering a wildlife preserve. The Mike Arrington family also produces hay and has a cow-calf operation. The 1919 pre-fabricated house was restored in 1999 and is now a Bed and Breakfast, “The Lodge”, run by Mike and Debbie.

Today the house welcomes visitors to the remote ranch and in 2000 starred in the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away.” The Family Land Heritage Program of the Texas Department of Agriculture has recognized this ranch for ownership in the Arrington Family for over 100 years.

The ranch is a haven for threatened species, including the western burrowing owl, lesser prairie chicken and Texas horned lizard. Often seen are the golden eagles, red-tail hawks, and wild turkey. White-tail and mule-deer are at home on the ranch, as well as prairie dogs, coyotes, dove, quail, ducks and bats.