Clinton and Clayton Hill

Gerlach Brothers Road Ranch & Store

Twin boys, Clinton and Clayton Hill, were the third and fourth children born to Ben and Hazel Hill on June 30, 1924. Clinton was five minutes older than Clayton. They were born in Lipscomb County at their grandmother Cordelia Hill's home and raised on their family ranch in Roberts County. The four oldest Hill children began their education in an upstairs room in the family home until the Hill's moved to Canadian in 1936 where they continued their education.

The Hill Brothers started their rodeo careers at Anvil Park Rodeo on the J.C. Studer Ranch in 1938. Clinton joined the Professional Turtle Rodeo Association in 1941 at Texarkana, Texas and was the youngest rodeo contestant at that time. Clayton joined the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in 1944 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Clinton said that it was quite an honor in 1953 when he led several months for the title of World's Champion Saddle Bronc Rider. In 1959, Clinton moved to Canadian from California and started “heading and heeling” in Canadian in 1960. Clayton, at one point, was also in the lead for the World's Champion Bull Rider title until he broke his leg that same year.

Clinton and Clayton participated for over twenty-five years in rodeo. Both received a Gold Card from the PRCA. Clayton married Frankie Stoker, also a rodeo star in her own right, on August 31, 1949. Clayton and Frankie were the parents of one daughter and four boys. Clinton married Montie Campbell on December 23, 1961. Clinton and Monte raised a son and two daughters. Clinton was a member of the National Old Timer's Rodeo Association. Clayton retired from the active rodeo circuit in 1951 and began operating his own livestock hauling company, Clayton Hill Livestock. Clayton died tragically in a truck accident on November 5, 1977. In the past, the Canadian Roping Club has sponsored an annual National Old Timers Rodeo in Canadian in memory of Clayton Hill. Clinton died February 28, 1999.