George Addison, Photographer

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George A. Addison was a photographer who operated studios in Texas and Oklahoma Territory from the early 1880s through at least the first decade of the 20th century. He operated studios in Taylor and Georgetown near Austin, Texas; Nocona in northern Texas; Wheeler County in the Texas Panhandle; and, from 1890 to 1895, in the Fort Sill, Oklahoma Territory area.

George AddisonHis collections of photos from Ft. Sill include Geronimo and Quanah Parker and are housed in Oklahoma City at the National Cowboy Museum. He moved to Canadian in the early 1903 and some of our most noted photographs were taken by him. The image shown here was taken of the Canadian River at flood stage.

We know from early Canadian Record issues that he advertised his availability to take pictures and according to his obituary he continued until his health made that impossible. We have to assume he and JuliusGeorge Addison Photograph of the Canadian River at flood stage.Born had more than a nodding acquaintance as he was photographed alone and with his granddaughter by Julius. We like to think that Julius Born’s skill with a camera developed rapidly due to some teaching from Mr. Addison, whose skill was well known. Mr. Addison died in Shamrock at the home of his daughter, Laura McSpadden on March 5, 1937 and is buried in Canadian at the Edith Ford Memorial Cemetery.