Tom McGee, Sheriff

Gerlach Brothers Road Ranch & Store

Tom McGee came to the Texas Panhandle to ranch with Henry Cresswell on the Canadian River. Around the date of 1886, he purchased an interest in the Moody-Andrews Cattle Company. When Hemphill Country was organized in 1887, Tom McGee was elected Sheriff. He was re-elected in 1889. In a robbery scam that included breaking in to a Wells Fargo safe in Canadian on November 23, 1894, Tom McGee was killed by gunshot.

1887 - 1894
In May, 1895, George Isaacs, Tulsa Jack, Jim Harbolt and Dan McKenzie were indicted for the killing. George Isaacs was identified as the one who did the shooting. Sheriff McGee is buried in the Hemphill County Cemetery. The Texas Historical Marker associated with his grave site says:

(Sept. 13, 1849 - Nov. 24, 1894) Came to Canadian about 1884. Was foreman on PO Ranch prior to election as first sheriff of Hemphill County, 1887 - year city of Canadian was founded. Nov. 23, 1894, in gun fight with (6) men attacking large shipment of money at Wells, Fargo & Company, he was mortally wounded, and he died the next day. His widow went to England as a volunteer civilian worker in World War I; died there. Ashes were returned here for burial. Recorded, 1967