Cabin Creek Ranch

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Cabin Creek Ranch began in 1892 when Joseph O. Forgey came to Hemphill County to work on the Laurel Leaf Ranch and to file on his own land. Jeanie Cooper, daughter of neighboring ranchers, George and Janet Cooper, married Joseph Forgey in 1898. They spent the rest of their lives on Cabin Creek, gradually accumulating more land and raising four children.

Their son, Oscar Forgey was born on the ranch in 1900. After graduation from Canadian High School and attending business school in Tyler, Texas, he came back to Canadian to work at the original First State Bank. When he had saved enough money, he enrolled in the University of Oklahoma, majoring in pre-law.

When his father died, in 1924, Oscar returned home to help his mother manage the ranch. He married Mabel Alexander in 1935. Oscar and Mabel bought the ranch from Jeanie Cooper Forgey soon after he and Mabel were married. Oscar died in 1975, and Mabel moved to Canadian, and she continued to operate the ranch until shortly before her death in 1991.

Oscar and Mabel had two daughters, Janet and Eleanor. Upon Mabel's death in 1991, the ranch was divided amongst the two Forgey daughters. The south portion of the original Cabin Creek Ranch is owned by Sid and Janet (Forgey) Parnell. Sid and Janet moved to Cabin Creek in 1963. The north portion is owned by Eleanor (Forgey) Glazener. Eleanor currently resides near Umbarger, Texas. She currently leases out her portion of Cabin Creek.

The original house built on the north portion of the ranch by Joe Forgey still stands and is currently inhabited. In 1998, the Cabin Creek Ranch received its Family Land Heritage Certificate, awarded "For a century of continuous ownership and operation as a family agriculture enterprise."