Shaller Ranch

Gerlach Brothers Road Ranch & Store

Charles Henry Shaller and his wife Ida, arrived in Canadian in 1887 before the Santa Fe railroad completed construction of the River Bridge. Their oldest son Claude was born before their arrival and was one of the earliest children in Canadian. Charles and Ida Shaller had eleven children, nine of which survived to be adults.

Charles Shaller purchased land in 1889 and the first family headquarters was located two miles east of Canadian. Son, Frank Jamison Shaller was born at the home place on June 23, 1901. In 1910 the Shaller family moved to town into a home built by C.H. Shaller at 1022 Main Street.

Frank Shaller went to college in Wisconsin in 1920; however his education was interrupted by the death of his father C.H. Shaller in 1924. Frank had to return to Texas for some time, but in 1927 he was able to graduate from the University of Wisconsin with a BS degree in Agriculture. On February 14, 1930 Frank married Pauline McMordie. At that time she was a schoolteacher at the Liberty Country School in Lipscomb County.

By 1936 Frank opened a commission company in the Moody Building listing and selling cattle. In 1942, Ida Shaller died and Frank bought out brothers Lee and Rolla. Until his death in 1983, Frank farmed dry land wheat and was known for his high grade Hereford cattle. He passed his ranch on to his daughter Frances Shaller Haley. Her two sons, Jim and Jeff Haley presently operate the Shaller ranch, located six miles east of Canadian. Eight and one-half sections of the present ranch is part of the original Charles Henry Shaller property.